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‘Circling’, completed March 11th, 2018

An original miniature artwork created using acrylic paints and gel pens on 5.7 cm x 15 cm 2 1/4″ x 6″ Strathmore Mixed Media paper.

I absolutely adore creating these little minis – they are just so much fun to work on. And although they are small, just as much time and love go into painting them as into my larger works.

This unique ‘bookmark orientation’ mixed media creation is as gorgeous as it is diminutive – won’t take up much room on the wall, but it has a huge personality! Its small size makes it ideal for placing on a shelf, table or dresser, and it also looks great in a collection of other mini paintings such as ‘We Fall Only To Rise Again’ and ‘Strands In A Web’… ‘Circling’ is a tiny, spontaneously painted artwork in shades of Prussian blue, Diaoxazine purple and white….

£80 including shipping. Ships unframed worldwide.

Signed and dated on the back. Ships with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity.

Please note that this listing is for the mixed media artwork ‘Circling’ shown alone in the main image of this listing’s photographs. Any other artwork/pebbles etc are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included in this listing.


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