Big Fish, Little Fish


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From the 2008 Collection ‘Inspired Spirals’.

This series of paintings was inspired by a challenge to limit my colour palette to the four-colour range used by a friend of mine: yellow ochre, black, white and burnt sienna. I tried using them unmixed, and it really wasn’t working for me – so I mixed them to a variety of shades that I found more appealing to work with, and began to have fun… 🙂

The detail work in this artwork took many hours to complete. None of the shapes and faces you may see were deliberately worked: they all manifested spontaneously. I wonder if you can spot the big fish swallowing the little fish which gave the piece its name…?

W&N Artists’ Acrylics and metallic fabric paint on 35cm x 35cm ready-to-hang box canvas. Painting extends to cover sides of the artwork, so no need to frame.

Original hand-painted artwork by Jay Taylor, copyright and all rights reserved. Signed and titled on the reverse and side of canvas so you that can choose orientation to suit your mood 🙂

Painting will ship insured with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity.


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