About Jay



I am a self-taught, independent artist, specialising in intuitive abstract artwork which freely expresses  the close connection to nature and the fascination with the creative process which have always been my saving grace.

it's about reaching out to other trauma/abuse survivors like me, who suffer without knowing what to do to help themselves. So many of us are trapped in destructive cycles by demons and 'coping strategies' which only cause us further pain and actively prevent us from healing. But I have found a healthy, joyous 'coping strategy', and if I can share that with other people who have suffered similar things (and I know that there are MILLIONS of us) AS A SERVICE, bravely, openly, honestly,

My struggles to cope with the world of man and the far-reaching effects of alienation from it have long been aided by my love of the natural world and her creatures, both of which offered a sense of belonging and acceptance I have rarely experienced in the company of other human beings. Creativity (art, music, writing) was always a faithful outlet for both these wonderful moments of connection and the horrible aloneness engendered by not feeling truly bonded to my human tribe.

My creativity has always been informed by intuition, and all of my creations are stream-of-consciousness: effort or 'trying' is not a part of the process for me - the work manifests without volition or force, expressing itself without constraint in a manner that feels deeply co-creative and authentic.

Although I have drawn and painted daily since I could hold a pencil, I remember feeling restricted and frustrated by the structure and conformity of figurative art. ln late 2006, I discovered acrylic paints and new ways of working with the abstract form and began to explore a new sense of freedom to paint without restraint or intent. During this period, my innate love of creating art was rekindled and its expression became infinitely more rewarding. I began exploring and experimenting in the field of abstraction, sometimes incorporating figurative elements, working with a variety of media, a process which continues to this day.

In early 2010 I began to make my work available to a wider audience. Since then, I have built up an extensive portfolio and exhibited work both online and in various venues in my native UK. In 2012 I published a book of my work, ‘Art for a New Paradigm’, and my artwork can now be found in private collections all over the world.

Always an ‘outsider’ in terms of society, I’ve devoted my life to searching for truth, questioning everything, desiring always to truly express and honour my individuality. My art plays a huge part in this process and the daily practise of creativity is a daily opening to free expression and intuition.

Extensive travel has broadened my horizons and deepened my love of the unity to be found in diversity, another theme in my artwork. 

Motherhood has also been another huge catalyst for me in this regard. In becoming an 'unschooling' Mama, I also became a passionate advocate of autonomous, natural learning: the art of discovering new experiences and information in the context of one's own everyday life and interests. This dynamic, organic approach informs my life and all of my work, giving my creations vibrance and spontaneity.

I have observed over and over again that where it is possible to communicate something of value, it is usually by actively modelling a different way. I have learned this lesson the hard way, and it has taken many wounds and battles to fully realise. Rather than continually fighting against the existing paradigm, I now consciously and repeatedly choose to facilitate and to usher in the new. 

I consider my progress towards being a fully responsible human to be a continual ‘work in progress’, always striving to better embody The Art of Authenticity. In seeking to inform my own life with more intelligence, in looking for and living sustainable and functional alternatives, I bring a sense of wonder and playfulness to my work which serves as a powerful antidote to the destructive and disconnected behaviour so prevalent in modern society. Thus, (re)discovering my true capabilities and transcending the culturally imposed limitations in my own life has become my life's work; and is a vital element which filters through into my artwork. 

Laughter is vitally important me: remembering wherever possible not to take things too seriously and conveying a sense of playfulness and openness in my work. My heroes include practitioners of irrepressible irreverence like Rumi, UG Krishnamurti, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Jed McKenna and George Carlin.

A deep and abiding love of nature has kept me going whenever my sense of humour failed: I have found that even in my darkest hour, I cannot look long upon a sparrow or dig my bare feet into the earth and continue to feel sad. Whenever I reconnect with the Source of Life - with my own natural guidance system and the beautiful earth upon which I am blessed to live - the madness of World of man cannot prevail in my heart, and the cycle of self-doubt ceases. This dynamic is ever-present in my artwork: the duality of living in the world of man and my need to balance it with spending as much of my life in nature as possible.

I am currently steward to 15 acres of conservation land in the heart of the Peak District National Park in rural Derbyshire, England, which my partner and I have turned back to nature, creating a veritable wildlife haven which is now teeming with new life. In its midst is the heart of my daily activities - The Chicken Field, where I tend to and commune with my feathered friends and the wildlife which increasingly accepts me as kith and kin. Having this space to breathe, to explore what it means to be a human in nature, is one of the most healing experiences I have ever undertaken. I bring this deep connection into my art and often paint outdoors, incorporating interaction with the elements into my painting sessions.

A survivor of its dysfunctional behaviour, I am thoroughly sick of the pain our current societal models perpetuate. More of the same is of no interest to me. Revolution is merely a completed cycle of the same repeating pattern. It's time to break free from or reinvent the wheel, and I approach my art with this same sense of unconventional exploration.

As I play my tiny part in our human evolution, I endeavour to nurture and develop a new consciousness in myself - one of wholehearted symbiosis and co-operation with Nature and with all of Life. Allowing the free expression of this intent to evolve upon canvas or paper, working co-creatively with the forces of Life and Nature, my remit as artist is to convey and to engender a sense of belonging and connection - to assist nature in her efforts to reflect our own true nature back to us, in the service of life and truth.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to experience the deep sense of connection for which I am so very thankful. I hope that my work can in some way contribute to bringing an abiding sense of the wonder of nature back to the lives those with whom my creative exploration resonates.